Building your Dream...

A few years back, when the Real Estate crisis took over and the Economy was shaking, we heard that the "American Dream" was dead. Well... Partly true at the moment but not as of today. Slowly the Market shows the signs  of an escalating economy with ups and downs but growing; that means good news for most of us, specially for those whose that piece of the "American Dream" puzzle can't be found yet. 

New is Always Better! Why? Watch this video. Still not convinced? Call me for a face to face interview and  meet the Builder.

The market has been shrinking, the inventory experiences a shortage that makes the competition some how unfair for the Owner-Occupant Buyer who gets beaten more than once in the multiple offer war. Let's not mention the request of Seller's Concession in the form of credits towards Buyer closing cost, that puts another "Not good" tag on prospective homeowners in need of financial help.

So, why would you say "No" to an opportunity full of benefits, savings and warranties that comes with a New Home?

Find the answers here... If you can't get the information you need, you can call me anyways to set up an appointment and discuss, face to face, the many reasons you will have to elect building a New Home with a model, size, features and upgrades that fits your needs and budget. Maybe I forgot to mention: There are different ways to get up to $18,000  in Credits and Bonds to help you get into your New Home. More details available when we meet the Builder.

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